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A  proud  history  of  producing  the  goods

Harvest Fresh is a leading exporter of the finest onions and carrots – based in the perfect growing conditions that only New Zealand can provide.

It all started back in 2005, when an opportunity to export quality produce from Australasia to the rest of the world became a reality.  Harvest Fresh, not to mention a fresh new way of doing business, was born.

Since then, Harvest Fresh has rapidly grown into a market leader in the New Zealand fresh produce sector.

Today the business is still 100% market focussed, exploring more opportunities to extend the Harvest Fresh brand and cementing strong relationships along the way.

We base our business on the use of leading technologies coupled with traditional well-established production practices. Our passion is to produce outstanding results from our growers and create the highest quality delivery standards to our customers.

It's a daily challenge, but one that we thrive on and enjoy in our focus to deliver great value throughout the whole food production and international export chain.



  • Guy Hilson
    Managing Director
    DDI +64 9 412 5634
    Mobile +64 21 431 926

    Guy has over 17 years of experience in the sales and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables from New Zealand and Australia to world-wide markets.

    The founder of Harvest Fresh, Guy’s persona is all about delivering premium quality produce at competitive prices. He’s developed strong long term relationships with all the people in the supply chain – from the superb growers at the farm gate to the retail shops in Europe and Asia.

    In his spare time Guy can be found snagging the rocks in his quest for the ever elusive snapper, or climbing the nearest mountain with his wife and two kids for a spot of winter skiing.

  • Michael Croft
    Export Sales Manager
    DDI +64 9 412 5637
    Mobile +64 21 955 777

    Michael has over 13 years of experience within the produce and shipping industry both in New Zealand and around the world.  He possesses a rare and specialist skill set that enables him to effectively manage business relationships right across the entire production and distribution chain. What’s more, he enjoys working with a vast range of personalities and cultures at all different levels and is passionate about doing the job right (the first time) and ensuring our customers are 100% happy.

    For Michael no day is ever the same and though demanding and challenging he really enjoys delivering a top product to his appreciative clients. If he’s not following up on key data or transport logistics, Michael is probably out socialising with close friends.  A keen mountain biker he is definitely an 'outdoors guy' who loves pushing his health to the optimum.

  • Claudette Belling
    Export coordinator
    DDI +649 412 5632
    Mobile +64 21 975 026

    Claudette has been with Harvest Fresh since 2010, but has been in the export business for over 10 years.

    She manages our export documentation using Harvest Fresh’s leading software package. Claudette thrives on working proactively, taking ownership and constantly improving and streamlining our operations.

    At the end of a day at the office, Claudette loves to ‘get amongst it’ at Cross Fit in an effort to ensure she can keep up with her sons.

  • Yvonne Huizing
    DDI: +64 9 412 5636
    Mobile: +64 21  851 555

    Yvonne joined our team in 2013. With over 30 years experience in financial accounting she's no new comer to managing the flow and financial transactions of a global business like ours.

    A key member of our team already, Yvonne says she has been warmly embraced by the Harvest Fresh team and believes their dedication, skill and professionalism are the foundations of our wider success.

    Incredibly supportive of her large family in their projects along with her wider community, Yvonne is kept busy outside of work with social, sporting and education events.

  • Lesley Cotter
    Quality Manager/Control – Pukekohe Region
    Mobile +64 21 874 744

    Lesley is one of our dedicated Quality Managers and can be relied upon to ensure all the boxes have been ticked. Her 30 years of experience in the horticulture industry ranges from managing pack houses, field officer work, assisting growers with quality management systems right through to ensuring growers are compliant for export markets.

    Working to help clients through difficult situations and seeing a satisfacory result with a crop makes Lesley's job more than worthwhile. When she's not liasing with growers, she becomes one herself – on her lifestye block with her family and a host of farm animals along with some very tasty feijoas.

  • Conny Petersen
    Office Support
    DDI 09 4125635

    Conny is the latest member to join the Harvest Fresh team.

    She’s really enjoying the fast paced industry and getting her head around the logistics side of the operation.

    Conny has a world of travel experience having travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and USA where she has enjoyed the thrill of visiting and delving into local customs, food, wine, history and the scenery. After a busy week at work she heads to the beaches north of Auckland for family weekends away.

    Conny says she has been warmly welcomed into the "family environment" at Harvest Fresh

  • Ken Cooper
    Quality Control - South Island
    Contact Mobile: +64 274 965 976

    Ken has been in the food producing business most of his life. That’s a whopping 58 years of knowledge covering both wholesale and retail. He still gets a buzz meeting and working with growers, salespeople and retailers and believes it to be one of the most complex and interesting industries to work in. His passion is the production and handling of quality produce to the highest standard - ensuring that our industry continues to grow.

    With values like ‘if it’s not good enough for me to take home it’s not good enough for the company’ you can see why Ken makes a valued member of the Harvest Fresh quality control team.

    Ken is a dedicated family man – so much so that he regularly races across the ditch to babysit his daughter’s (and her friends’) dogs…just go ahead and ask him!


We've  come  a  long  way  to  deliver  the  best

We source the finest quality produce from our carefully selected world class growers throughout Australasia, delivering it on time to our customers all around the world.

This diversity of Harvest Fresh suppliers enables us to be reliable, flexible and responsive.  We have formed long-term partnerships with key growers and packers enabling a secure supply of high quality vegetables at all times.

By ensuring that all product handling practises minimise any potential for shock throughout harvesting, packing and shipping, Harvest Fresh has developed specialist processes to track and document the export of produce to international marketsplaces.

Due to the scale of our operation we have strong relationships with all major shipping lines. These key relationships facilitate our operational excellence and reliability of delivery.

Of course the people behind Harvest Fresh are what makes our brand and our service stand out. With a collective pool of extensive knowledge learned in national and international companies bears great fruit for our customers. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of what we do and we pride ourselves in ensuring our customer communications are consistently clear and timely.





The Humble Onion

What makes ours brilliant?



Carrot Are Tops

Grown with goodness


Our onions are perfect in so many ways

Harvest Fresh onions are an outstanding flavor enhancer in any dish, providing vital nutrients and health-promoting phytochemicals. A good source of dietary fibre and folic acid with high levels of vitamin C, our onions also contain calcium, iron, and are high in protein. Fat free, super healthy fresh onions from New Zealand have a world-wide reputation for outstanding quality and exceptional shelf-life.

Harvest Fresh are one of New Zealand's largest exporters of premium grade onions.

All Harvest Fresh produce is grown under the strictest quality control and best practice farming techniques to ensure the delivered product is in optimum health and vitality. During the growing season the fields are maintained in impeccable condition to allow the onions to mature as nature intended.

We may be a little biased but we believe we deliver the very best carrots – worldwide

Harvest Fresh are the exclusive export partner of Pypers Produce brand carrots – the most reputable South Island carrot growers with a long history of growing top quality produce and delivering carrots worldwide to exacting quality standards. Through this relationship Harvest Fresh are the largest exporter of carrots in New Zealand.

Warm days and cool nights are a winning recipe to produce what Harvest Fresh think are the tastiest carrots on the planet.

Being produced in one of the southernmost places in the world enables these export quality carrots to mature very slowly – one of the secrets to their superior taste profile and enhanced genetics.

Of course the other reasons behind these outstanding quality carrots are closely guarded family secrets. Once you become a valued customer, you might be let in on some of this top secret information...

We  Grow  where  it's  great

Harvest Fresh Growing regions of New Zealand

Delivering  you  the  goods

  • Management
  • Processes
  • Traceability
  • Tracking
  • Weather

Quality at every layer

From field to market, Harvest Fresh are commited to traceability. Our focus on exceeding customer expectations is ensured by delivering the best quality produce with the highest specifications possible.

We work closely with our growers to ensure the produce supplied meets these exact customer expectations and specifications. The close relationships we have worked hard to establish with our supply team are second-to-none and enable us to work a little magic to resolve any challenges that arise.

Fields are closely monitored throughout the growing season and updates are regularly sent to our customers worldwide.

Qualified parties are employed to undertake quality verification of our produce.  A host of testing is performed throughout the growth and production cycles including residue testing to give our customers total confidence that our produce is 100% safe and has been grown under strict guidelines. 

If you have any more questions please contact us without hesitation.


Supreme  confidence  in  Harvest  Fresh

Harvest Fresh ensure the onions and all products they market are of the absolute best quality and more than fit for human consumption, with the highest possible nutritional value and energy profile.

Harvest Fresh are able to exceed all international requirements for safe food handling by extensively documenting covering propagation, site history, soil management, fertilizer application, irrigation, pest management, plant protection, equipment and inspection processes.

Our talented team of growers have GlobalGap accreditation, building an enviable confidence and trust that our delivered product has undergone rigorous food certification.

We follow a structured traceability pathway to ensure our onions and carrots and other produce we deliver have a full history - from planting through harvest to final delivery to global markets. This gives our customers great peace of mind that the produce they receive has been treated with care.

Find out more about Global GAP



Our International Tracking Partners

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